Potential return to Wildcats a “no-brainer” for fan favourite Finucci

Swindon Wildcats v Hull
Carlo Finucci was a huge hit during his time at the Link Centre (PIC: Richard Wintle)

Carlo Finucci has made it abundantly clear that he wishes to be a part of the Swindon Wildcats roster for the 2016/17 campaign.

The import forward – who has plied his trade for the likes of Rungsted and the Las Vegas Wranglers during his career – arrived in Wiltshire in October 2015 following the shock departure of summer signing Miroslav Zalesak.

And it didn’t take long for Finucci to make his mark, bagging a goal and an assist against Sheffield Steeldogs to cap off what was a hugely impressive debut showing.

It only got better from that point on as the 29-year-old quickly became a fan’s favourite, winning plenty of plaudits for his skill on the puck and his all-action approach to the game.

Finucci finished the season with 30 goals and 19 assists for 49 points in just 41 games, while he also amassed 43 penalty minutes throughout the course of 2015/16.

Wildcats Head Coach Aaron Nell has already begun the process of constructing his roster for the 2016/17 campaign, and Finucci is desperate to be given the chance to be able to pull on a Swindon jersey once more.

“That is a no-brainer for me,” Finucci told SteeleDavis Sports when asked if he wanted to sign up for a second season in Wiltshire.

“That’s what I want to do, I want to be a Wildcat and I want to be here, but it is out of my hands at the moment.

“Hopefully there will be some dialogue in the future.

“All I can worry about is getting myself ready and hopefully I’ll have the opportunity to play in front of these fans again.

“We’ll see what happens.”

Last season was certainly an eventful one for the Wildcats and Finucci was quick to reflect on some of his most cherished memories from the last six months, including his love for the Cats faithful.

“It was nice to get in and start playing hockey – I was waiting at home for a team and I was lucky enough to get a spot here,” the left-wing added.

“There were some ups and downs like there is with any season and it was disappointing how it ended, but as a team we got better as the year progressed.

Swindon Wildcats v Peterborough
Carlo Finucci made a blistering start to his Cats career after registering two points on his debut in the win against Sheffield Steeldogs in October 2015 (PIC: Richard Wintle)

“That’s all you can ask for from the guys.

“It is just too bad we didn’t achieve what we set out to achieve, but we took the steps in the right direction and we’ll be better for it.

“The experience was unbelievable and the fans were something that I hadn’t seen before, they were amazing from the moment I got here.

“One of the most special moments for me was when I came back from injury and they announced the line-up and how loud they were when I skated up to that blue-line.

“I missed that for about a month and it was nice to come back to that – it always gave me a burst of energy when I heard them chanting.

“They were really special, that’s for sure.”

Finucci will now jet off for the summer but won’t be hitting the beach just yet, the forward is planning to spend plenty of time in the gym in order to fully recover from a knee injury sustained over the Christmas period.

“I’ll take a break in terms of being on the ice but I’ve got to get my knee back to 100%,” he continued.

“It is not anything major but it is just tough to do that kind of strengthening during the season, but now I don’t have to worry about skating, I can just get in the gym and strengthen my legs again.

“I felt better as the year went on and it will be nice to start next season 100%.”

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