I am a Swindon-based freelance sports journalist currently on the lookout for new roles and challenges – short-term or long-term.

After a long stint undertaking both voluntary and freelance work, I finally made the big breakthrough in December 2014 when I became the new Sports Editor at FLIC Wiltshire – an online news and sports site that was still in its infancy at that stage.

I was responsible for manning the Sports Desk and coming up with new and engaging content during my time at FLIC, in addition to using the power of social media to both build up a loyal following and attract a huge audience base to the site on a consistent basis.

We enjoyed huge success, despite being a very small team, and saw impressive and rapid growth in both our unique users and page views figures.

With just 1,343 unique users and 1,973 page views at the time of a change of ownership in 2013, we entered 2016 boasting outstanding figures of 200,000 unique users and 500,000 page views, while we were also reaching out to over 23,000 people across our social media channels.


Those stats didn’t go unnoticed and FLIC Wiltshire was crowned the EDF 2015 South West Website of the Year last summer – a huge honour for the team and myself.

I’m currently keeping myself busy with freelance shifts for M&Y News Agency and The Football League Paper – but I’m hungry for more work.

What can I offer potential employers?

An unrelenting work ethic, a burning desire to get to a story first, an ever-expanding contacts book, an engaging writing style, a creative mind with an ability to conjure up unique and riveting content and the know how when it comes to using the power of social media to attract a large audience base.

I’m also a massive sports fan with a passion for journalism – most likely to be found taking in an NHL game in the early hours of the morning or watching any football that I can find on the box.

This site is all about doing what I love and hopefully providing any potential readers with a little bit of everything – so please enjoy and if you like what you see then please give me a call.


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